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The Royal British Legion Kyrenia Branch is a registered charity in Cyprus (No. DER.3.K.131). The aim of our Branch is to endorse the values, aims and objectives of the Royal British Legion; promoting the welfare of ex-Servicemen and women and their dependents and providing relief from hardship among them where it exists; raising and distributing money for these purposes on behalf of the Legion; assisting serving men and women in their return to civilian life; and promoting the interests of their dependents whilst they themselves are still serving.
To do this our aim is to initiate numerous fundraising events locally throughout the year, alongside the annual Poppy Appeal, for which we are the official distributers in the Kyrenia area. In the months of October/ November, our Legion Volunteers distribute and monitor RBL Poppies and Collection boxes at key locations, with the aim of raising as big a sum as possible for the Poppy Appeal. We also organise the annual act of Remembrance Service at the Old British Cemetery in Kyrenia on Remembrance Sunday each year.

About our website banner photo

With the kind permission of The British Cyprus Memorial Trust, the Branch, who has chosen the British Cyprus Memorial as our websites prime banner photograph, into which we have incorporated the branch logo and number. In conjunction with The British Cyprus Memorial Trust the graveyard and the Branch, the Memorials are maintained and looked after.

The Cyprus Emergency Campaign Memorial was constructed to mark the 50th anniversary of the ending of the four year conflict (1955-1959) which preceded the independence of Cyprus in 1960. The memorial is constructed from dark grey granite and each inscription of the 371 Servicemen who died on active service during the campaign is inscribed and silver enameled, using the traditional style of lettering common to British memorials since the First World War.

The eight solid granite slabs list the names alphabetically under the badge of their respective Service, Regiment or Unit. The memorial, which was unveiled on 8th November 2009, leaves a fitting and lasting monument to the 28 Royal Navy and Royal Marines, 69 Royal Air Force and 274 Army Service personnel.

The British Cyprus Police Memorial was also made by the Norfolk based stonemason Keith Rackman from the same slab of granite as the Cyprus Emegency Memorial and was dedicated at the Remembrance Sunday service in 2014. It was paid for by the Police Roll of Honour Trust in the UK and is engraved with the names of the 62 fallen police officers from the same conflict.


This includes 18 UK police officers, 19 Greek Cypriot officers and 25 Turkish Cypriot officers who were killed in their service to the Crown.

"Our aim is to ensure that the RBL Kyrenia Branch maintains and nurtures its strong network of social support and comradeship for all ex-Service people and their families and to safeguard the welfare, interests and memory of those who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces by having a strong, committed, large, proactive and durable branch membership."
To define, fund and deliver a quality and flexible response to the welfare needs of our members in line with the RBL Poppy Support Program. The Branch Welfare Officer will have a particular responsibility in this area.

To foster and engage a strong base of Branch members, donors, volunteers and staff and make positive steps to retain the aforementioned by operating an all informed method of communication dissemination within the Branch including a dynamic and effective internet website and use of local media outlets.


Elect a fully proactive committee, as outlined in the RBL Handbook, which is reactive and receptive to its member's suggestions, recommendations and requirements.


To maximise income generation from a comprehensive integrated programme in order to fund Branch activities and support the aims and objectives of the Royal British Legion, aligned with financial stability and full accountability at all levels of Branch management.


To ensure our culture, structure and processes enable strong leadership that can in turn deliver timely decision making and effective use of Branch assets for the good and benefit of all members which in turn will safeguard the public reputation of the Branch.


To facilitate closer co-operation between organisations sharing the same objectives.

To ensure that 'recruiting and retention' within the Branch is positively encouraged at all levels and the importance of this topic is recognised and acted upon by all members.

To create, maintain and expand awareness and support for the Legion's work and the special covenant between the Armed Services past and present, and those who have inherited their gift, all in-line with the well-publicised core values of the RBL:

  • Reflection - through Remembrance of past sacrifice in the cause of freedom.

  • Hope - by remembering the past, a younger generation has the chance of a better future.

  • Comradeship - through shared experience and mutual support.

  • Selflessness - by putting others first.

  • Service - to those in need and in support of the whole community.




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